Hamster Facts

I love finding out unusual facts about different animals. In this blog post I've collected some interesting facts about hamsters, some which might surprise you! 

hamster at night

Hamsters are crepuscular

Hamsters are crepuscular, which means that they are most active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. In the wild they would remain underground in the daytime to avoid predators. 


hamster in cage

Hamsters generally prefer to live alone 

Hamsters are usually solitary creatures. If housed together they may fight, especially Syrian hamsters, which are highly territorial.


hamster storing food

Hamsters have pouches next to their mouths. 

Hamsters have pouches that run from the side of their mouths all the way back to their shoulders. They use them to carry food around and store for later. In the wild this means they don't have to make as many trips away from the safety of their home so less chance of being caught by a predator. They can expand around twice the size of a hamster's head! 


hamster facts

Hamsters can have up to 20 babies! 

The average litter size for a hamster is 4-10 however they can have up to 20 babies, or 'pups' as they are known.


 cute hamster

Hamsters have a short lifespan 

The average lifespan of a hamster is sadly only around 2.5 years, although some may live longer up to around 4 years. 


hamster eating

Hamsters teeth never stop growing

Like rabbits, hamsters have teeth that never stop growing. They get worn down naturally when they are eating and gnawing on hard objects like wood. 


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