Guinea Pig Facts

I love finding out unusual facts about pets. In this blog post I've collected some interesting facts about guinea pigs, some of which might surprise you! 

guinea pigs are social creatures

It's illegal to own one guinea pig in Switzerland

Guinea pigs are social creatures and in order to be happy they need interaction with their own species. Switzerland have made it illegal to own just one guinea pig and considers it to be animal abuse.


guinea pigs have a wide field of vision

Guinea pigs have a wide field of vision 

Guinea pigs have excellent peripheral vision, with a range of almost 340 degrees! Their eyes on the side of their head helps them spot predators from a wide angle.


wheek guinea pig  

Guinea pigs are very vocal

Guinea pigs communicate through a variety of sounds including squealing, purring, whistling and chirping. Each sound has a different meaning, expressing their emotions, needs and give warnings.


guinea pig eating

Guinea pigs are herbivores 

Guinea pigs are herbivores which means their diet is all plant based. Guinea pigs diet should mainly consist of hay with some fruit and vegetables and a small amount of pellets. It's important they get enough vitamin C as like us humans they can't produce it naturally themselves.


 cute guinea pig

Guinea pigs live around 4-8 years 

Unlike other small rodents who have a much shorter lifespan, guinea pigs live an average of 4-8 years. The oldest guinea pig on record lived to almost 15 years!


guinea pigs have 14 toes 

Guinea pigs have fourteen toes

Guinea pigs have a total of fourteen toes/claws - four on each of their front feet, and three on each of their back feet. 


guinea pig facts - guinea pigs can't vomit 

Guinea pigs cannot vomit

Guinea pigs have a unique digestive system and while they can feel nausea, like horses, rats and rabbits they are unable to be sick. Along with not having a gag reflex, guinea pigs stomach muscles are quite weak and so lack the strength to create the force necessary for vomiting.


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